WORKSHOPS - With Pastor Eric
Build your Children's Ministry into the blessing and joy God intends it to be! Pastor Eric shares tried and proven tips and techniques for having a happy and fulfilled ministry team leading children who are immersed in Bible Knowledge, JOY and HOPE!
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Why Children's Ministry - While techinques employed include FUN and games, discipling children is a serious business!

Altar Time is Essential - Making time for the Holy Spirit is the reason for everything else. Only God can change hearts and souls!

Wee Workers - It's called "Children's Church"! It means and impacts so much more when the children have ownership.

Teens in Children's Ministry - Children's Church is not the place for avoiding "Big Church" and goofing off! Titus 2 says the older should teach the younger, this priniciple really works and is not just for grown-ups!

Recruiting That Works - Recruiting can be tough and painstaking, but it really should just flow naturally through on-going relationship building and discipleship.

Event Planning - Tips and Techniques - Don't be overwhelmed! It really is just the sum total of managable pieces and parts.

Story Telling Techniques - The art and science of sharing that engages your listeners and leaves them with lasting memories!

Bible Verse Teaching Techniques - The more FUN it is the more memorable it is!

Building a Strong Nursery/Preschool Ministry - The most powerful ministry in the church, with the longest lasting impact!

Teaching the Fundamentals - Why and How - Every person, young and old, should be encouraged to deepest level of understand what they believe and why!

Attendance Tracking and Follow-up - Numbers may not matter, but each and every individual soul does!

Easy Tech Childrens Church - Low cost / No cost ways to give your children's services a high-tech look with every day stuff and retro equipment.

Please contact Pastor Eric to schedule your Workshop(s) and/or training conference. He is also available and ready for fill-in pulpit ministry and children's services.